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Beginnings of Information Architecture May 30, 2009

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LI 840 Information Architecture class begun this week!

Information Architecture is  cleaning up or structuring digital information through organization, labeling, searching, & navigation.  Using the acronym ” OLSN”, I have created a way to remember this definition.  Olson is another class member’s last name, so I should be able to easily remember this.

O – Organization

L – Label

S – Search

N – Navigate

The other acronym I have made to remember the types of organization is AT&T.  Some websites organize their information by audience (such as prespective students, parents, staff, etc…), by topic (animals, education, …), and by task (donate, download, buy, sell, etc…).  Other types of organization include using metaphors, alphabetizing, and chronologically.

I am looking forward to viewing websites with a more critical eye, trying to “see the invisible” as Morville and Rosenfeld describe in their book “Information Architecture”.


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