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Context, Content, and Users June 17, 2009

Filed under: Final Project — rhodges1 @ 5:02 pm

As I work through my final project I need to work through many questions including the following:


  • How is the web site currently laid out?
  • What Metadata Schema do we need for Online ILL forms? Can our current CMS support these needs?
  • Who will oversee the web site (site administrator)?
  • What is our current ROT policy, does it need to be updated, and who is in charge of seeing that the ROT policy is carried out?


  • Who will have authoring and publishing access?
  • What policies are in place or need to be created regarding what content goes on the website?
  • Who will train new employees about these policies and how to add content to the site?


  • What do the users want to find on our site?
  • What shared/common vocabulary is there between the library staff and patrons?
  • Which web pages on our site get more traffic?

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