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Wireframes June 21, 2009

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Wireframes are visual representations of the organization, labeling, search, and navigation features of the intended website.

They are meant as a starting point for the graphic designer as a framework not as the set-in-stone design. Wireframes are a good tool to use to provide a client with a mock-up of website.  They show the organization of the information, how users will navigate the site, the labeling of site content, and the depth or breadth of the site’s homepage.

The information architect should create the wireframe (instead of a graphic designer) because they are in charge of controlling the content of the site and how the site will work.  The graphic designer should come in after this is done so that a separate eye is working on the project and able to strengthen the site’s usability with color and design.  The website creation process will work more efficiently if the wireframe and design is spilt up into 2 different parts with at least 2 different sets of eyes.  The information architect is able to structure the priority of the content in order to make the graphic designer’s job easier and more straight forward.  This will also promote and create stronger collaboration among team members throughout the each process.


One Response to “Wireframes”

  1. Alex Luna Says:


    there’s another article about wireframes here:

    and I would recommend you using JustInMind Prototyper to merge the wireframe and design processes to help your client visualize and approve everything before coding.

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