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Blueprint/Taxonomy June 29, 2009

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MPL Website Current Layout

MPL Website Current Layout


Context, Content, and Users June 17, 2009

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As I work through my final project I need to work through many questions including the following:


  • How is the web site currently laid out?
  • What Metadata Schema do we need for Online ILL forms? Can our current CMS support these needs?
  • Who will oversee the web site (site administrator)?
  • What is our current ROT policy, does it need to be updated, and who is in charge of seeing that the ROT policy is carried out?


  • Who will have authoring and publishing access?
  • What policies are in place or need to be created regarding what content goes on the website?
  • Who will train new employees about these policies and how to add content to the site?


  • What do the users want to find on our site?
  • What shared/common vocabulary is there between the library staff and patrons?
  • Which web pages on our site get more traffic?

Final Project Outline June 13, 2009

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Website to be evaluated: http://www.manhattan.lib.ks.us/myaccount/borrowing.shtml


Content – pdf documents, blogs, databases, online catalog, pictures, online forms, calendars, RSS feeds

Context – non-profit, government funded institution

Users – patrons & potential patrons (community members, parents, students K-12 and college, researchers, leisure readers), librarians.

Team members – Representatives from each area: library board, IT dept., Circulation dept., librarians (children, teen and adult), and administration.

Project Suggestions:

  • Create an online form for Interlibrary loan requests
  • Re-evaluate organization, labeling, search features, and navigation
  • Create more redundant links (navigation and organization) o Use of pull-down tabs (organization and labeling)
  • Always have a link to the previous page and home page (navigation)
  • Add a site search feature with a controlled vocabulary (search)

Next Steps:

  1. Meet with web development team to create project mission and vision statements.
  2. Meet with IT department or web administrator to find out limitations of web software.
  3. Complete content analysis with content map.
  4. Heuristic Evaluation – will have to be approved by the library board for funding
  5. User Testing – before and after
  6. Use Card Sorting method for organization and labeling with development team members.
  7. Research other library web sites (similar in demographics, collection size, and user population) and complete a Competitive Benchmarking evaluation.

Final Project Process Update June 7, 2009

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I found this week’s assignment to be a very good start.  It helped me organize my thoughts and get a good picture of what is next and where I want to end up at the end of this project.

I am excited to start working on gliffy.com and create my concept map and wireframe.  I think this will be very helpful for me as I am a visual learnerand this will be a great visual layout to see how the website is laid out now and what it will look like when I’m done.

I will be evaluating the Manhattan, Kansas Public Library web site:



Final Project Idea June 6, 2009

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Since I am going into School Library Media, I was hoping to do a school district website for this final project.  In looking at my school district’s website and some around where I live, I don’t think any of them will meet the requirements.

During my undergrad I worked for the public library in Manhattan, Kansas.  My in-laws are very frequent users of this library. In talking with my father-in-law about some of the frustrations he has encountered over the years, I think using the Manhattan Public Library’s website will be a great opportunity to look at it differently and find ways to streamline the information and make the website work for it’s audience.